This Way by Johnny May

by adminpublished on September 1, 2021

For his adored wife’s birthday, Johnny May wrote “This Way” with a fundamental piano-led pop-rock romantic ballad backdrop, genuine and warm – easy to imagine in a live environment. 

Canadian Singer-Songwriter with writing credits with bands Kumano, Toronto, and for artist Mary-lu Zahalan. First solo project, 2011 ‘Alone in this Together’ created with the help of musicians from Gordon Lightfoot’s band. He has been fortunate to hang out with some greats in Canadian music, and he hopes some of their talents rubbed off on him.

Johnny May penned the song “This Way” as a birthday present for his wife. Looking at images of them when they were younger and having a good time gave him the idea for this piece. They had been meeting for a long time before they finally got together, but their patience paid off in the end.

The song’s significant strength clearly shows through in writing, the lead vocal delivery, and – especially in the latter half – this ambient, captivating approach to the finish line that showers down around you in a lovely way.

This Way” is a timeless and welcome salute to the tunes that made the decades, with fine, engaging singing throughout and a plainly well-crafted diversity of arrangements.

Johnny May’s vocals and the clear, clean presentation of the soundscape immediately create a comforting, nostalgic hug, seductively emerging into view with the absolute masterpiece that is “This Way.” His breathy, gently soulful voice is a captivating testament to his abilities, and the musical and vocal accompaniments nicely support and enhance this.

From a songwriting standpoint, the song promotes optimism and triumph β€” “This Way” is an idea that we could all spend some time contemplating. This approachable nature blends well with the song’s familiar yet refreshing vibe. 

In addition, there is a distinct string of intimacy – a personal touch during the verses that reflect the artist’s own narrative and allows the audience to feel connected and as if they understand or can connect a little more deeply.

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