Progressive House Mix by Anthony Trizzo

by adminpublished on July 30, 2021

Introducing a freshly-released single from Anthony Trizzo, This Progressive House Mix proves a dreamy, euphoric, and blissful immersive dance-pop realm of supreme audio escapism.

A Toronto, Canada EDM artist Anthony’s ability to get a crowd going and feeding off their energy is a testament to the talent and experience he has gained over the years. With over two decades of experience, Anthony makes each set as thrilling as the last, getting the crowd up on their feet with his unique progressive mixed sounds.

Drawing from his vibrant youth, which included playing at various Toronto clubs, bars, and FM radio, his passion for 80’s Dance, Progressive House, EDM, and Euro dance played a huge part in influencing his early musical taste.

The tune of this progressive house mix rolls out with cinematic precision and tenderness, from every layer of intricacy to the distorted yet compelling soul of the vocal and infectious hooks. Anthony meanders through softly impassioned solo riffs while the rhythm strikes up a lightness in energy that invites you to move, letting the organic strengths shine brilliantly.

Experiment at high volume with high-quality headphones or speakers. Crisp, engaging, soothing, and hypnotic. A definite highlight of the summer thus far.

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