by adminpublished on July 22, 2021

In this new thematically engaging and contemporary tune, artist and rapper ReDroue goes into his story with mindful bars and a surprising musicality.

ReDroue is born & raised in Houston, TX, but lives in Mo City, TX. He’s a new face in the rap game. Also, he’s putting his own flavor of rap in the music game. Later he formed an entertainment group called “Kobra Klique Entertainment,” and he’s about to change music games with a lot of upcoming artists and known artists.

Setting the tone with ease, a gradually rising ambiance produces a cinematic feeling of immersion – while also nodding to simpler hip hop set-ups from the past.

To then weave in a clearly current voice sound, from the shape of the bars, flows to the auto-tune and production, is to effectively offer listeners a fashionable synthesis of yesteryear and today’s sound.

Moments of melody and structural alterations keep things interesting along the way. Meanwhile, the story is told, intimate and engaging, with the occasional familiar allusion to sentiments of confidence and drive.

A memorable and impressive track for an upcoming artist. We should hear more and more songs like this in the future.

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