I’d Rather by H.G

by adminpublished on May 27, 2021

Digging deep into the concept of morals, H.G balances engaging rhythms and rising intensity with a clear level of direction and purpose. From the outside, I’d Rather hit like an impressive and smooth-flowing contemporary hip hop track. A likable anthem that grows more enjoyable with each changing section – a varied flow, a switch from rap to melody, another new melody after that. What you also find within though, when you pay enough attention, is an artist with genuinely refreshing bars. This whole track utilizes both theme and language to build something consistently relevant and interesting – whilst also holding onto that necessary style and confidence to keep it rooted amidst today’s sound. With this track, H.G has managed to cook a global hit that can be enjoyed by millions all around the world.

“H.G” is a Mexican-American recording artist, writer, composer, and engineer from North Dallas, Texas. His roots are deep within the hip-hop rap scene. And his creative use of Latin culture and Spanish Rap/Hip-Hop/Trap, and Reggeaton has helped him to climb the ladder soon on the road to be a great artist. Due to the amazing rhythm and the combinations he has already made a huge fan base around the US and is planning to expand to the whole world with the experience he gained producing music that audiences loved over the years. H.G is undoubtedly one to watch out for over the coming months and years. 

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