Eastside by OT RICKY

by adminpublished on August 9, 2021

Eastside” by OT RICKY is among the most stylishly appealing tunes released in recent times.  There are a few unique strands throughout the music. The positive vibes, the synth-led brightness, the riffs, the character โ€“ all of this blends perfectly, making the song ideal for those last long warm nights that remain around us.

OT RICKY is a rising young star in the music industry who has a lot of potentials. Erasure musician and rap and hip hop recording artist is well-known for his rap and hip hop records. His most recent work, “Eastside,” is filled with passion.

The tune appears to follow its own laws structurally; there are elements of influence, but OT RICKY’s own sound seems to stand out the most. To begin with, the work is quite simple โ€” the lyrics tell you the story, there is space, and there is a sense of tension. 

Later on, things naturally change, the intensity builds, and the performance shifts to more of a rap at the height of that passion. With this modification, the instrumentation becomes more colorful and heavier.

On top of the backdrop, OT RICKY adds swagger and volume to the scenario with short, concise phrases that describe his principles in a fashion that appears to be hip-hop-inspired. 

There are hints of several genres throughout this track, but what you strip away from is it for the most part. and this is the artist’s sense of individuality or character.

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