BLANCO by Jota Jota

by adminpublished on July 17, 2021

BLANCO by Jota Jota is conceptual and ambient, combining creative products and contemporary rap rhythms with an equally modern beat and melody.
Jorge Jesus Milian is a Cuban urban artist based in Las Vegas. He introduces himself to the public as Jota Jota, his artist name. Millian(Jota Jota) is a student of economics in Las Vegas who also enjoys making music in his spare time. BLANCO is the latest song released by JotaJota, who mainly creates trap and reggaeton music.

BLANCO maintains a strong rhythm and vibe with the melodies and quiet confidence of the performances, keeping you intrigued throughout.
While the opening bars, beat, and vocal mix all feel well-rooted in the modern landscape, JotaJota also makes sure to incorporate some unexpected melodic switches, as well as a few references, to help inject a clear sense of identity. This process becomes more noticeable as the track progresses, with Jota Jota making sure to incorporate some significant variations to keep things fresh and natural as the bars pour in.

The track BLANCO ticks a lot of modern boxes while also paving its own musical path – and telling you that a stage show is where things really would come to life.

By the end of the track, that synth riff’s melody has firmly established itself in your mind. Before At this point, you begin to focus on the concept of the song BLANCO, this repeated hook that breaks out of the flow to deliver an inner idea with ease.

We are led via a compelling narrative to the end effect of having to hit repeat, as the track, BLANCO is excellent and winged with the same exciting sound states.

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