Beggin by Sheena-Rae

by adminpublished on July 23, 2021

Sheena-Rae provides a charming slice of soulful pop – with a hefty rhythm and overall sound that keeps a strong feeling of personality at the forefront – with ” Beggin,” offering a delightfully soulful and smooth take; on contemporary RnB.

Sheena-Rae is a 23-year-old London-based artist. She’s always loved performing and graduated in Musical Theatre last year. She had previously studied at the London Centre of Contemporary Music, where she began writing music and performing, and knew she wanted to pursue this as a career. The lockout inspired her to create an EP that she wanted to accomplish for a long time. Her music video shoot felt like a dream come true. Her influences are pop, r&b, house, and dance music. Like Kehlani, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Little Mix, and Tinashe, her music has a pop, r&b, and dance vibe to it. She also models, dances, acts and works part-time in a bar. She plans to play her own songs live, record new music, and re-film one of her EP Soul-ty Tiers’ videos.

Sheena-Rae restores the soul of R&B to the modern music landscape. Her soulful vocals mix and wander amid modern trap rhythms and layers of warmth reminiscent of a choir.

Focused on intimacy, Beggin meanders through its lifespan with a pleasant warmth, permanently resolving to that infectious hook with a little more energy, passion, and embrace – leaving its tune and sentiments lingering after listening.

Sheena-Rae paves her own path and efficiently raises the standard with this release, vocally excellent and with an expression and ultimate objective that feel special right now.

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