All About by Jamar Wilson

by adminpublished on July 6, 2021

Jamar Wilson begins this new single All About in a magnificently confident fashion. He’s put together some highly catchy riffs to which he’s added his vocal prowess. 

Jamar Wilson is an uprising star in the music industry. He is a versatile young artist who mainly records hip hop. All About is his latest release, and Dope Boi produces it.

The track introduces the Jamar Wilson vocal style and identity in a pleasant way, with dreamy, detailed production that is smooth and calming for the late-night vibe but also multi-layered and bright for an energizing wash of awakening if you need it.

Vocally, the flow switches gear several times throughout, emphasizing the essential versatility required to maintain attention, and within this evolution, the lyrics lean back and forth between accessible references and a more personal backbone; one that proves to reveal and authentically connects with its audience.

Innumerable flows and tunes keep stuff subtly engaging, while the touch of that keys-led ambiance allows for a fully authentic, inspiring, and hypnotic listening experience.

With a heavy outpouring of detail, the track necessitates more than one listen to truly capture every instant. However, the hook hooks up from the first play because of its ease, the memorable outcry, and the gratifying resolution of this moment in the sense of the whole thing.

All About is an easy hit, a release worth knowing about if you like modern dance music and creative writing, with a timeless quality to the optimism and lyricism but also a notably latest edge of modern rap and hip hop fusion.

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